“Ascension” – DEIFIED

Y’know, it makes me monumentally proud seeing truly hardworking and dedicated unsigned musicians starting to get the recommendation and acclaim that they deserve and to that end, Deified are an exceptional example of this. Hailing from St. Helens, Merseyside, Deified have ripped up stages locally and further afield since 2014 whilst achieving more, in such an incredibly short amount of time, than many bands who have been in the game much longer. Deified comprises of vocalist Jamie Hughes, axemen Matthew Pike and Alistair Blackhall, Tom Simm on bass and Stew Brown rounding off on drums and with their powers combined they have brought us their kick-ass debut album Ascension.

One thing that is immediately both utterly striking and captivating about Ascension is how incredibly tight it all is, it’s been a real struggle trying to find a note out of place or where some parts may not work as well and clash, but this album is as extraordinarily polished as it is liable to melt your face off with it’s blistering speed and ferocity. If the genre were to be pinned down in the interests of those who it would appeal to, it seems to provide a seamless blend of thrash and groove metal with a dash of speed metal, so it wouldn’t be too far to suggest Deified is the resultant offspring of one wild night between Lamb of God and Slayer.

Deified – No Solitude

From start to finish this album kicks into overdrive and doesn’t relent in any way. Depending on the listeners outlook on metal this could probably be one of the best things in the world, and considering that many artists that you’re likely to hear on any given metal/alternative radio show have started dipping into much softer territory or include synths, it is nice to see relatively new bands like this uncompromisingly holding it’s ground, defying the trends of the mainstream and paying homage to what’s always made metal so great.

Betrayed, Wetwork and No Solitude are the three tracks that, to me, epitomise the best aspects that this band has to offer. Throwing out catchy riff upon catchy riff that ride an avalanche of the heaviest beats and stop at the door of one of the rawest vocalists on the scene at the moment. This album is not only an excellent contribution to the unsigned metal scene but it is an optimistic sign of things to come in the world of British metal. I would expect nothing less from a band that, within two years, exploded onto the scene, winning Liverpool’s Metal to the Masses 2015 competition and playing a stage at Bloodstock.


With their sights set firmly on continuing this upwards progression, they are sharing the stage with prolific Thrash metal band Exodus at the O2 Academy in Liverpool on the 2nd of March. This is not a show to be missed and this is not a band you can afford to take lightly, we may not be able to predict the future, but based on the achievements this band already has under their belt it is safe to suggest they will be burning brightly and going far. Let’s hope they don’t peak too soon because they have so much more to offer us!

Favourite Track: “No Solitude”

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